Trauma lives in the body. Trauma can appear as lack of confidence, low-esteem esteem, difficult connecting with others, feeling misunderstood, and it can also appear as having experience emotional, physical and sexual abuse. Unresolved trauma shows up as anger, guilt, shame, you will experience flashbacks, nightmares amongst others. Unresolved trauma blocks a person’s ability to love, to feel, and to be. You may find yourself experiencing unexplained mood swings, loss of concentration, confusion, memory loss. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, you may be dealing with unresolved trauma. We can help you heal from your trauma. We will help you in learning to be comfortable to feel again. We will support you as you explore the feelings of guilt, shame, frustration and anger rooted in trauma so you can feel more present and in control of your life.  

Unresolved trauma sometimes turns into Post Traumatic Stress syndrome which continues to show up as triggers. We utilized Trauma Focused Therapy such as EMDR and Brainspotting treatments that focus on healing the trauma and helping you form new connections. EMDR will be used in helping you understand the anxiety, depression and trauma you feel. The thoughts surrounding those feelings and bring awareness of the symptoms and how they show up in your body, helping you make the connection between thoughts and feelings, and what that looks like in the body, how the body processes thoughts and feelings, and the physiological effect experienced due to trauma so you can feel more in control.