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Why A Certain Lifestyle Makes You Happier...

Updated: Apr 5, 2022

It can feel super frustrating trying to figure out what you like and what will make you happy. The thought of making a decision about that can feel overwhelming at times, even provoking anxiety symptoms of anxiousness, and overthinking. You may start to feel confused because you want to make the right decision for you.

Wanting to make the right decision oftentimes just keeps you feeling stuck and out of control with yourself. It almost feels like you want something, maybe know you want to do something, but have no clue what that something looks like or how to get that thing. That feeling can be so overwhelming, mind-boggling and leaving you feeling uncertain about your place in life.

You watch all your friends seem happy on social media, they are traveling the world, looking happy, and you want that, but you have to work so hard to come up with the money, or you need to wait to rack up your PTO time. This adds to the frustration you feel about your life. You don't want to look at social media anymore because your friends’ lives are reminding you of what you aren't doing for yourself.

Know that so many people experience similar feelings, so you aren't alone at all. We live in a society that says we should work hard to climb up the ladder, and focus all our energy on that.

You soon come to realize that even though you are working really hard, nothing is changing in your life. You have no time to think about what you want to do for yourself and how to enjoy life, so you work, come home and work some more, living the same kind of life every day. You have experienced all kinds of emotions thinking about the kind of life you want to live because you want more,you desire, and you deserve more.

The idea that you have to work “super hard” to get noticed is a myth, which means that ideas were planted in your head that the only way to achieve success is by working super hard. That idea puts you in a space of neglecting yourself to chase something you don't even like because the goal is to get noticed. There is no fulfillment or purpose in that. It is all for reasons that make you feel inferior, self-critical, and produce lots of insecurities in you..

How To Get Out Of This Rat Race And Truly Live?

This is something that most people struggle with because then they would really need to do some self-reflection and ask some tough questions. The questions such as why is this important to me? What is the meaning of my life? How do I want to make an impact in the world? What do I want my life to look like? What do I really want? Are a few questions that would need to be answered to actually get to the core, where happiness lies. Once you are able to answer these questions truthfully and honestly, you will create a lifestyle that represents you at your core... and that you can be happy with… and proud of.

A lifestyle is a way of life, so working super hard does not fit that lifestyle if you are doing what you enjoy. Once you are able to tap into that creative part of yourself, it then becomes more of a mission, a passion to live life and experience all of it…

Back to my point the idea that working “super hard” is a myth is because it’s more of a limitation that can be changed once you tap into that unmet passion. Passion fuels you. There is pleasure in passion and experiences and an easy flow that comes with it.

You become more fixated on adding value to your own life rather than “working hard” to get noticed because what you would discover is that by adding value to your own life, you are also adding value to others.

PS: Always remember, you deserve a therapy practice that helps you improve the overall quality of your life.

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