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6 Simple ways to cultivate more Grace & Compassion in your life.

What would life look like for you if you made giving Grace the norm?

How would your life be different?

What would you change about yourself?

These are some of the questions that our clients have to work through in therapy with us…

Because they sometimes find themselves struggling to let go…

Struggling to let go of thoughts, ideas, or memories

Struggling to let go of what it should be

And Struggling to let off of what it is not.

I have worked with countless clients and spoken to so many people who just struggle to let go, so they feel like they are always chasing something and feeling unhappy in the pursuit of that thing.

Nothing they do is good enough, no matter what they do and how much they’ve accomplished.

They are always feeling stressed out and burned out.

And feeling very unhappy with themselves.

If this sounds like something you've experienced too, know that you are not alone.

People come to our practice because they are in a state of despair from the lack of fulfillment in their lives and relationships and they need help to change that.

They report feeling a lack of fulfillment in everything they do.

I am talking about very successful people who feel like their lives are falling apart and living with a deep sense of despair and hopelessness at times.

Coupled with dealing with symptoms of depression, and anxiety.

Causing them to feel isolated from things and people.

And not trusting themselves enough to relax and just be.

Due to feelings of anxiety, they would experience panic attacks, anxiousness, and feeling overwhelmed all the time.

Imagine feeling like a bunny rabbit.. can’t sit still and can’t relax.

Feeling the need to be doing something, always

Fearing something not going right.

So you work even more and continue to chase

Unsure of what you are even chasing.

Countless people come to us complaining of feeling this exact same way.

They’ve tried massages to get themselves to relax and still could not get their minds to relax enough to fully enjoy the massage.

They’ve tried going on vacation just to relax and would come back feeling tired from being unable to relax their minds enough to enjoy the experience.

They’ve even tried herbal supplements to help with relaxation but nothing seemed to work.

Their confidence started to suffer.

After realizing that “doing more” of anything did not bring them fulfillment.

Doing more made them even more anxious.

This was messing with their sleep.

And eating habits.

And impacting their relationships negatively and causing even more despair.

We knew for sure we could help them through our therapeutic approach so that they wouldn’t have to keep suffering on their own any longer.

And after working with us, they were able to cultivate lifelong skills for more fulfillment and pleasure.

By harnessing their unforgettable skills of Grace and Compassion.

And with grace and compassion, they were able to experience...

-fulfilling relationships

-fulfillment and pleasure in what they did.

-A deep sense of satisfaction

Today, I will share with you the 6 simple ways to cultivate grace and compassion in your life that just about anyone can do.

  1. Be your biggest cheerleader- acknowledge your efforts and take time to enjoy your hard work.

  2. Give yourself permission to make mistakes-mistakes are a great way to learn and grow

  3. Know that you are not perfect- knowing this will help you let go and move on easily.

  4. Get into the habit of saying it is ok-everything is ok as long as you say it’s ok.

  5. Manage your expectations-listen of your body and know when it needs rest and give it rest

  6. Speak nicely to yourself- use empowering words to speak to yourself instead of one of blame and shame.

We have been able to help so many people who initially came to us feeling a lack of satisfaction in their lives because nothing they did felt good enough

And we’ve helped them develop a deep sense of grace and compassion for themselves first.

Which elevated for them what it meant to be more KIND to themselves while letting go of judgments.

They embraced new perspectives that in order to do all the things, it was important that they care for the person doing all the things first.

Which took care of their increased stress levels, feelings of burnout, guilt, and shame.

And replaced them with a deep sense of understanding.

Which helped them find purpose and satisfaction in their lives.

Grace and compassion for some look like:

Learning to give yourself permission to say it is ok today.

Or I don’t feel like doing this today.

Or saying I will try again tomorrow.

Or saying I am not letting anyone time by taking time for myself today or

Saying I am caring for my mind and body.

Or saying everything will be ok.

Or saying I need this time for myself.

Or say I don’t feel like doing anything today and I am ok with it.

Making these statements to yourself release the pressure to do and be all the things.

And allows you to give yourself the permission to just relax and be in that moment where you can actually engage all your senses to enjoy the experience in its fullness.

It can be as simple as giving yourself the biggest grace and compassion at that moment…

Doing that is an act of self-love.

Loving yourself enough to be kind to yourself.

If you find that nothing else has worked for you, and I mean you keep trying to feel better and think better thoughts, but nothing you’ve done has worked and you just keep feeling like nothing you do is ever good enough.

Or that you can’t feel happy in your body despite all the great things happening in your life..then look no further, schedule your FREE consultation

To see if you too can go from feeling unhappy and dissatisfied with the direction of your life to feeling a deep sense of purpose and fulfillment and satisfaction.

You deserve to be happy and feel happy. You deserve to be able to relax your mind and body to experience the pleasures of life when you need to, and you deserve to feel satisfied with all of your life’s accomplishments without chasing the next thing looking for fulfillment and happiness.

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