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The Team
Therapy With Meaning

Marielle Duke

Marielle Duke


We would be a good fit to work together if...

  • You’re feeling disconnected from everyone, even those closest to you. 

  • You put others’ needs before yours and feel guilty otherwise. 

  • You’d like to socialize...but you talk yourself out of it for fear of being rejected

  • You want everyone to like you but you wish you didn’t care. 

  • You desperately want to let go of things from the past that are weighing you down but you feel stuck.

I am passionate about/would love to help you:

  • Speak up and ask for what you want

  • Be more open with your loved ones. 

  • Feel more confident & self-assured 

  • Say “no” without apology. 

  • Feel  genuinely calm. 

  • Feel comfortable meeting new people and let others get to know the real you. 


Why did I decide to be a therapist?

While all the other kids in my third grade class were dreaming of being astronauts, I was creating my first, fictional therapy practice. Since then, I’ve been building my path as a therapist.  No matter my role, one question has remained in my mind: how can we use our passions and strengths to move ourselves towards healing? This is what I work with my clients to discover.  

My Professional Background

In my sessions, I incorporate strengths based and trauma informed practices to help my clients build their resiliency and develop their internal strengths. With my background and training in creative arts therapy, I can work with clients in a variety of ways to get to the heart of their internal conflicts and move beyond them.

As a disability justice based therapist, I have extensive experience working with clients with disabilities, chronic illnesses, and PTSD. Through therapy, we can explore how to honor and celebrate individual identities while developing coping tools to navigate social, societal, and environmental barriers that may appear. 

Imani Haines photo.jpg

Imani Hayes

Master's level intern

We would be a good fit to work together if...

  • You are struggling with your confidence.

  • You often feel that the world is unfair.

  • You are experiencing discrimination in the workplace or in life. 

  • If you are a Black woman who doesn't feel, heard, seen and understood.

I am passionate about/would love to help you:

  • Improve your self-confidence

  • Understand your place in the world

  • Find a space to express yourself without fear or judgement. 

  • Have a space to feel heard, seen and understood. 

Why did I decide to be a therapist?

I have always enjoyed helping people, and now more than ever before, therapists are much more needed to help people navigate the uncertainties of life. I decided to become a therapist because of my desire to help people experience the life they desire. 


My Professional Background

I am in my final year of my master’s of art in counseling program. I will be working collaboratively with you to process thoughts, feelings and emotions that continue to serve as an emotional barrier in interfering with how you experience your life. I use a person-centered approach to make my clients utilize the therapy space however they see fit as hold space for them to navigate life’s challenges. 

Jason's picture.jpg

Jason Juxon-Smith 


We would be a good fit to work together if...

  • You are feeling overwhelmed with life and work

  • You are experiencing issues in your relationships 

  • You are constantly feeling angry and frustrated about how your life is going

  • You find it difficult to communicate your feelings.

I am passionate about/would love to help you:

  • Learn the tools to help you manage your life better so you can feel more in control

  • Establish more meaningful and fulfilling relationships

  • Feeling excited and sure about the decisions you make for your life

  • Communicate your feelings in a way that allows you to feel heard and seen.

Why did I decide to be a therapist?

As a child, I remember daydreaming about becoming a counselor  one day. I found myself resolving conflicts with my peers and people would always call me for advice to help them deal with issues happening in their lives. I found that I enjoy helping people, so counseling has always been a big part of who I am. 

My Professional Background

In my sessions, I help my clients navigate their  thoughts and emotions to come to a place of greater understanding of self using reality and solution oriented therapy. Together, we can utilize the art of mindfulness in your practices that will help you understand your feelings and emotions better so you are feeling more in control of your life.


As an addiction therapist, I work with youth and families struggling to manage recovery, as well as other forms of addiction. We can work together to help you manage the things in your life that are taking you away from experiencing your true potential and introduce you to other ways of coping and managing your thoughts so you feel more in control of your life and other people’s lives just by changing and managing yours. Solution Oriented therapy but have an eclectic style of counseling that is catered to every individual client.


Salome Saah


 I am Salome Saah, Founder and CEO of Modern Intervention Strategies (MIS). I am a licensed Professional Counselor specializing helping you less less and live more.  

 I became a therapist to help people live extraordinary lives free of barriers that hinder their happiness and impact.

I can help you learn effective strategies to manage stress that will help you avoid potential burnout by using our effective methods tailored for your unique needs. 

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