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You are in medical school and feeling all the pressures of enrolling in the medical field, and it is challenging to navigate this new life and career, as it is becoming increasingly difficult to do so, causing you to have anxiety and depression symptoms. You worry about being a good medical professional and what that could mean for you and your family. You fear letting your family down because they are so proud of you, and that creates pressure to perform at your best, leaving you feeling anxious and affecting your performance in school and your studies which affects your self-esteem and confidence in yourself.  You experience anxiety around your patients because of your fears and worries about not being a good medical professional, and worry about not knowing how to take care of people in pain, leaving you feeling sad, questioning yourself constantly about whether or not you made the right decision choosing this profession. You get nervous during tests, unsure of yourself, and feel overwhelmed with everything you have to do. 

At Modern Intervention Strategies, we help medical professionals reconnect with their passion for medicine, feel present within themselves, to discover and develop unstoppable confidence without feeling pressured to do and be all things.

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You want to speak with someone who can help sort out your thoughts and fears and make you feel heard and understood. You want a non-judgemental space to talk about your medical school journey, the intense anxiety you feel at times, and learn the skills to help you navigate the emotions of medical school while also dealing with other unresolved issues. You want a space to help you with the tools to feel confident to show yourself grace and compassion for where you are now and you  want mental health support to help you sort out feelings that will help you become a better physician/ medical professional  for yourself and your patients. 

We get it. You want to feel good about your medical school journey without feeling paralyzed by fear or doubt or the weight of the world on your shoulders. You want a space to discuss challenging feelings and emotions that make you feel stressed out, overwhelmed, and unsure about your path. You find yourself overthinking a lot, losing sleep, and second-guessing everything. You are not sure if you want to keep going through the program, or have realized that you are not sure if you could do all that medicine entails, and having to go through it is making you question yourself, your preparedness, and it’s leaving you with a lot of doubt and pressure that you are feeling from all over even your family. 

Benefits of working with us: 

-Our therapy space will help you process your feelings and emotions surrounding your frustration with school and life without fear of judgment. 
-You will learn the tools to manage stress and overwhelm while learning the tools to start taking ownership of your life to make decisions that make you happy. 
-You will work with a therapist on an ongoing basis to develop a plan that makes meeting your mental health goals much more attainable and will learn the skills to manage feelings and emotions deriving from guilt, blame, fear, and doubt.
- You will see your challenges and triggers and get the tools you need to make your school and life experience much more manageable and exciting.

Not seeking therapy while in medical school has the potential for you to feel disappointed in your field of choice due to being exposed to vicarious trauma while dealing with your trauma, making you feel let down and blaming yourself when things do not go as planned, which would affect your self-esteem and confidence and this has the potential of disrupting your ability to render your best care to your patients. It is important that your mental health is prioritized in order to be an impactful medical professional for your patients. 

What you can look forward to during and after working with us.

After going through  therapy with us, you will find yourself enjoying your field of medicine again due to your changed perspective of yourself and others. You will feel more purposeful doing what you love without fear of doubt holding you back, and you will feel much more confident and less scared while learning to incorporate work/school/life balance. You will identify and craft your support system as well as hold yourself accountable while prioritizing your self-care.

At Modern Intervention Strategies, we help medical students reconnect with their passion for medicine, feel present within themselves, to discover and develop unstoppable confidence without feeling pressured to do and be all things.

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