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Medical Specialists


At Modern Intervention Strategies, we help medical professionals reconnect with their passion for medicine, feel present within themselves, to discover and develop unstoppable confidence without feeling pressured to do and be all things.

You want a space for you to feel safe enough to talk about your professional and personal life and feel comfortable to share without feeling judged. You want space that allows you to be vulnerable enough to care about your needs, deal with stress, overwhelm, and anxiousness, and even second-guess everything you do. You feel pressured from listening to pain from your patients and their hurting family members, and not knowing how to deal with all those emotions without feeling guilty, feeling like you need to do something if things do not go as planned or if you feel like you could have done more to help a patient. You blame yourself, and have a hard time detaching yourself from work, overthinking everything, and it feels like you are about to have an emotional breakdown, feeling like you have no one to talk to who would understand the effect of being exposed to pain regularly and what that is doing to you. You have many sleepless nights thinking of all the deaths you witnessed during the early stages of the pandemic, and even now and it makes you second-guess if the field of medicine is the right profession for you, and sometimes feel regretful for wasting your time and accruing the massive debt you have, feeling like you do not want to do the work anymore because of what it is doing to you and your mental health. 

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You stopped taking care of yourself and paying attention to your needs, and constantly feel so much pressure in your body or when you think about going to work; feeling tortured, working long hours, seeing people in pain all the time, and it’s affecting you, and you have no one to talk to so keep silent because you are worried about what others may think of you or how this could affect your licensure. 

We get what you are going through.  You struggle with feeling responsible for healing and curing everyone. You feel stressed out, overwhelmed, frustrated, and anxious all the time with guilt for not doing so much more, working long hours, neglecting your self-care, and feeling so burnout as well as sometimes feeling incompetent, second-guessing your abilities, blaming yourself, and constantly feeling dissatisfied with your work performance.

Benefits of working with us: 

-You will learn to work from a place of awareness to listen to your body and develop healthy habits for self-care. 
-You will use your therapy space to discuss feelings and process them to help you feel less overwhelmed with your responsibilities. 
-You will feel a sense of accountability to yourself to feel confident in your work and life. You will start to pay attention to your thoughts, patterns,  language, and how they change your feelings. 
-You will prioritize and communicate your needs to get the support you need. 
-You will notice triggers,  respond to them appropriately, and feel confident improving your relationships. 
-You will learn the skills to manage challenges,   emotions, and the ever-challenging work environment. 

Not seeking therapy to be the best you can be in your medical profession and in your own life may result in you feeling burnt out, feeling the desire to quit your career, losing your self-esteem, confidence, your identity, passion, and even your sense of purpose that may even leave you feeling hopeless. 

What you can look forward to during and after working with us.

You will enjoy what you love to do while realizing that you don’t have to self-sacrifice anymore or doubt yourself constantly and will feel confident in your skills and abilities to know that you care about yourself and the work you do as it will show. You will learn the tools to approach your work with love and compassion, giving your patients your undivided presence. You will learn the tools to embrace the responsibility you have and will find it less overwhelming and stressful and recognize that part of doing great work with your patients comes from taking care of your needs first, identifying your limits, asking for support, and having standards that align with your intentions.

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