Perfect Harmony


The premise of EMDR is that the brain heals itself. With EMDR treatment, we  can help you heal the sadness you feel in order to form new  connections between the sadness you feel and how it shows up in your body. With EMDR treatment, you will process your thoughts and feelings and notice how it shows up in your body. We will help you with skills and tools to exercise awareness and consciousness as you move throughout your day with intentions. EMDR is a tool that helps you elevate to a higher level of consciousness by helping you connect the dots. We can support you in your stage of curiosity for deeper understanding so you can live your life feeling more in charge, present, to reach a sense of fulfillment, acceptance and peace. EMDR can help you feel hopeful again, excited again, motivated again, determined again, and if you haven't felt these feelings and don't know how to feel them. We can help you with figuring out what they could look like for you.