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FAQs to the Simple Practice Client Portal

How to Log in to the Client Portal

The SimplePractice Client Portal is a secure and easy way for you to communicate with your clinician, request appointments, sign documents, and even pay your appointment fees. The first time that you log in to the Client Portal, click the link found in the welcome email you received from your clinician. Clicking the link will open a new tab in your browser where you’ll automatically get logged in. 

To log back in:

  • Go to your provider's Client Portal website.

  • Click the I’m an Existing Client button.

  • Enter the email address associated with your account. Click Email Me a Link. 

  • Check your inbox to find the sign-in email. Keep in mind that the link in the email is valid for 24 hours and can only be used to sign in once. 

Note: If you don't see the sign-in email in your inbox, click Try these tips.

  • Click Sign In

  • The link from the email to automatically log into your Client Portal. It expires after 24 hours and can only be used to log in one time.

Online Booking

Online Booking lets you request, cancel, or reschedule appointments with your clinician. After submitting your request, you’ll get a confirmation email once your clinician approves the appointment. If they are not able to see you at that time, they will send you a different email, which will let you request another time.

To request appointments through the Client Portal:

  • Go to your clinician’s Client Portal and click I’m an Existing Client to log in or I’m a New Client

  • The button is only for clients who have never logged into the Client Portal before.

  • Navigate to the Appointments tab. This may already be selected by default after you log in.

Documents and Forms

The first time you log into the Client Portal, you'll see a welcome message from your clinician. After you click Get Started, you'll begin completing forms for your clinician.

Some documents can be signed electronically by clicking the checkbox at the end of the bottom of the page. Then, click Submit & Continue to move to the next document.

After signing some documents, you may be asked to fill out your contact details, demographics, credit card, and insurance information.
To view your completed consent documents at any time, navigate to the Documents tab.

At the bottom of the Documents tab, you will be able to upload files to share with your clinician, including pdf, jpg, png, mp3, m4a, or csv files. You can click to view these at any time.

How to Pay Your Bills in the Portal

Using the Client Portal, you can view your recent invoices, statements, superbills, and payments. You can also add a credit card and pay for your sessions.

Viewing your billing history and documents

  1. After logging into the Client Portal, click Billing & Payments to see your billing page. This page provides you with an overview of your recent payment history and access to your billing documents.

  2. You’ll see three sections for Invoices, Statements, and Insurance Reimbursement Statements.

At the very bottom there’s a section for Account History that shows your most recent sessions and payments.

Adjust the date range to display whichever sessions you’d like by clicking the calendar icon.

Making payments

It’s easy to pay your bills in the Client Portal and stay on top of your payment history. Your current balance displays at the top of the page. You can either pay this entire balance, or pay a specific invoice.

  1. To pay your entire balance, click Pay Now next to the balance amount

  2. To pay a specific invoice, open the invoice and click Pay Now at the top.

No matter which pay button you choose, the next steps are the same:

  1. Enter the cardholder’s name, card info, and billing zip code.

  2. If you’d like to store this card to use in the future, check the Save Card box.

  3. The amount on the Pay button will reflect the payment that you’re making. Make sure it’s the correct amount, then click Pay $(amount).

  4. You’ll see that the status next to that invoice date in your Account History section has changed to Paid

  5. If you stored the card, you’ll be able to select this card for future payments.

How to Use Secure Messaging

Secure Messaging lets you message your clinician directly. Reschedule your session or ask a question straight from your phone.

Message notifications

When your clinician sends you a secure message, you’ll receive an email that looks like this:

  1. Click the Read Secure Message button to access your message. Your link will be active for 15 minutes from the time the email is sent. During this time, you can view your message directly after you click the link.

  2. Clicking the link will open the messaging widget in your default browser. You can then view and reply to messages directly from there. This works the same way whether you’re on your computer or your mobile device.

How to reply 

You can check your messages or send new ones at any time by logging into the Client Portal. Once you log into the portal, just click the Secure Message icon to view or send messages. If you received a new message, an orange dot will indicate that.

Start typing your message in the box that says Send a message, then hit enter (or return) on your keyboard when you’re ready.

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