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Therapy for Anxiety Philadelphia

Anxiety Treatment

Anxiety Treatment Can Help You Stop Overthinking Everything to Relax.

Does worrisome rumination cause you to dwell over each and every scenario? Have you ever fixated on making sure you won’t make a mistake to the point that you could think of nothing else? Do social anxiety or panic attacks make it hard for you to enjoy the simple pleasures of life?

Perhaps you struggle to manage your racing thoughts that at times seem relentless and overwhelming. Rather than being able to remain in the present moment, your mind continually invents hypothetical worst-case scenarios and solutions to avoid them. You may tend to over-analyze every situation, especially any new transition, and your perfectionistic tendencies make it hard for you to relax or stop worrying.


You Might Doubt Yourself And Your Decisions

Because you doubt your abilities and talents, you may be afraid to take risks or be decisive. Before making a decision, you likely ruminate over every possible outcome and become paralyzed with uncertainty. You struggle with decision-making so much because deep down you don’t trust yourself. Perhaps you worry a lot about what other people think of you and seek their constant validation.

You might engage in people-pleasing behaviors and habitually put others’ needs in front of your own. You could struggle with accepting anyone’s feedback without being highly critical of yourself. Sometimes you may even experience social anxiety or panic attacks when things become too much for you to handle. 

Fortunately, anxiety treatment can provide you with relief from the symptoms you are experiencing. The positive thinking strategies we offer in therapy promote self-love and self-esteem which, in turn, will help quiet your anxiety.

Our Culture Perpetuates Self-Comparison Which Often Leaves Us Feeling Insecure

Anxiety disorders are the most common mental health condition in the United States, affecting 40 million adults—or 18.1 percent—of the population every year. Although anxiety disorders are highly treatable, only 36.9 percent of those suffering receive treatment.  

One of the common symptoms of anxiety is overthinking every situation we experience. This tendency derives from our insecurities and self-doubts. We tend to overthink situations when we compare ourselves to others and fear we don’t measure up. When we worry about what they may think of us, our social anxiety kicks in. 

Unfortunately, our cultural norms only serve to perpetuate this self-comparison. The influence of social media has ratcheted up the pressure we put on ourselves to be perceived as having perfect lives. Social media is designed to encourage comparison to our “friends,” which usually heightens our own insecurities. What’s more, we may have been raised with familial expectations to achieve certain goals and live a certain way that can exacerbate our anxiety. 

Our Own Blind Spots Can Prevent Us From Seeking Treatment For Anxiety

Many of us struggle with overcoming anxiety on our own because we lack the perspective to see outside of ourselves. When we are living with anxiety, it’s difficult to gain an objective view of what we are experiencing. The condition of anxiety means our emotions are running high and we might not be able to process what we’re going through rationally. To heal from anxiety, however, we can seek help from a therapist who will serve as a mirror to help us process what is going on in our lives. 

Whether you seek therapy for an anxiety disorder, social anxiety, or panic attacks, the therapists at Modern Intervention Strategies are well-trained to provide you with a solutions-based treatment plan that will give you tangible results in a relatively short time.

Anxiety Treatment Can Be The First Step To Self-Transformation

When anxiety is in charge of your thinking, your perspective is fear-based, causing you to no longer trust yourself. Therapy with Modern Intervention Strategies is a place of hope. It gives you the chance to connect with yourself again or, perhaps, for the first time. We approach the healing process by meeting you where you are, helping you to identify your “stuck points” as well as the thoughts and beliefs associated with those stuck points. 

Our customized approach to therapy is a six-month process that provides you the opportunity for meaningful transformation within a fixed timeframe. You can move from a place of overthinking to a place of trust, belief, and acceptance. 

What To Expect In Sessions

Our intake process allows your therapist to gather more information about your needs so we can ensure we match you up with someone who best suits your needs. Because consistency is needed for transformation, our process will require you to commit to weekly sessions for the first two months as we embark upon anxiety treatment. The goal of us working together is for you to see results as soon as possible. 

pexels-jopwell-2422278 (1).jpg

Your transformation will begin by taking one step at a time. We want to empower you to believe infinite possibilities.

We Like To Set Attainable Goals To Keep You On Track

We will form a foundation by pinpointing the core issues you’re having and helping you understand how they affect you in your daily life. The childhood experiences that have formed your personal reality will also be examined. 

By considering all the potential you can achieve in your life but haven’t yet, we will identify the unhelpful thoughts, ideas, and beliefs that serve as barriers to attaining the outcomes you desire. As we set small goals for you each week, it will allow you to examine why those goals are important to you and help you formulate a new path by visualizing the life you imagine. You will get to describe what that life looks like and identify the steps you will need to take to achieve it. Not only will you understand what it would mean for you to change your life path, but you can also determine how your therapist can best support you in achieving that transformation.

The tangible tools we teach you to help with anxiety will be in the form of meditation, journaling, scheduling self-care, exercise, and setting intentions on a daily basis. You will be challenged to use more positive self-talk when speaking to yourself and be taught how to extend self-compassion as well as extending compassion to others. When you learn to validate your own feelings and needs, a shift in perspective will occur. 

Once you understand what is keeping you stuck in the same pattern, and why you are feeling stuck, it is possible to experience all the possibilities of life. With solutions-focused treatment for anxiety, you can experience fulfilling relationships and make an impact on the world the way you imagined.

But You May Wonder Whether Anxiety Treatment Is Right For You…

Will getting treatment for my anxiety really help me take control of my life?

If your definition of taking control of your life is feeling empowered and making choices for yourself, then the answer is yes. Therapy is a tool that can help you tap into life’s possibilities and discover your potential for change. With the support of a counselor trained in treating anxiety, we can help you visualize new paths for growth and transformation. 

Is it really necessary that I meet with my therapist weekly for the first two months to help with my anxiety?

When we developed our solutions-focused treatment plan for anxiety, we realized that our clients can only get results when they commit to weekly sessions in the beginning to establish some stability. We will use the first two sessions to bring you self-understanding, help you form goals, and empower you to work the program. Thereafter, you will have the skills and tools you need to create a steady foundation for trusting yourself. 

Will my severe social anxiety be under control after two months of treatment?

When you commit to weekly therapy sessions for the first two months, you can expect to experience a reduction in the symptoms of social anxiety within that timeframe. These weekly sessions allow your therapist to work with you holistically to identify the thought patterns and behaviors that have become ingrained and keep you stuck in anxiety. Together we will unravel why this has become a problem for you so we can then present you with a tangible solution.   


Join The Experience

When you commit to anxiety therapy, a world of new possibilities awaits you. Now that you are ready to sign up, join the experience by filling out the contact form to get the process started.. You will receive an email confirmation about your next steps in the process for beginning your journey to wholeness.

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