The Team
Therapy With Meaning

Kathleen Mann


I have been in the field about 10 years, and a Licensed Associate Counselor for five years, (passing the National Counselors Exam, in 2016). I have extensive education, first a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Science, followed by a Master’s Degree in Professional Counseling. I have multiple certifications in Crisis/First Responder, Illness, Management and Recovery, and the Neurobiology of Addiction (to name a few). I specialize in Addictions, and have extensive background in ADHD, and Learning Disabilities. 

My approach is directive, and structured, allowing the client to safely explore thoughts and feelings and to create a vision that is unique to them. The aim of the counseling session is to alleviate the client’s distress, to create a more adaptive perspective, and clarify their vision for their lives. 

My key component is a therapeutic alliance, allowing the client to create their best counseling experience.

Marielle Duke


While all the other kids in my third grade class were dreaming of being astronauts, I was creating my first, fictional therapy practice. Since then, I’ve been building my path as a therapist.  No matter my role, one question has remained in my mind: how can we use our passions and strengths to move ourselves towards healing? This is what I work with my clients to discover.  

If you’re considering starting therapy, you are already taking a huge first step in deciding your growth matters! In today’s busy world, this is no simple thing. Perhaps for you, therapy is about finding a better sense of balance. Maybe it’s about learning how to be your own self advocate and build the life you want. Maybe it’s about discovering how to honor and celebrate the best parts of yourself while releasing those that are no longer serving you.  Whatever the goal, we can develop a collaborative pathway towards your healing. 

In my sessions, I incorporate strengths based and trauma informed practices to help my clients build their resiliency and develop their internal strengths. With my background and training in creative arts therapy, I can work with clients in a variety of ways to get to the heart of their internal conflicts and move beyond them.

As a disability justice based therapist, I have extensive experience working with clients with disabilities, chronic illnesses, and PTSD. Through therapy, we can explore how to honor and celebrate individual identities while developing coping tools to navigate social, societal, and environmental barriers that may appear. 

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Salome Saah


 I am Salome Saah, Founder and CEO of Modern Intervention Strategies (MIS). I am a licensed Professional Counselor specializing in relationship therapy as it relates to the whole person. I have extensive training in the areas of Anxiety, Depression and Trauma disorders along with Brainspotting and EMDR. I can support you in your healing process as  you gain confidence in yourself again. EMDR can help you heal trauma through the understanding that the brain heals itself, and I can be here to support you through the process. All I ask is for you to be dedicated to the process of healing. I am passionate about helping people heal and feel in control of themselves, and feel a connection with themselves, so instead of avoiding challenging feelings, you are more curious about them. I can support you in your journey.


Alisha Alexis

Master's level intern

Are you concerned that your child may be displaying symptoms of depression such as sadness, frequent crying, and withdrawal? Are you worried that your child may be losing interest in activities they once enjoyed? Do you think that your child could benefit from talking to a knowledgeable therapist? Are you noticing communication struggles with the family unit? If so, no need to worry. I can help you and your family improve communication as I work with helping your child feel comfortable in identifying and putting a language to what they are feeling. I can support your child to learn to express emotions in a way that allows them to feel heard, seen and cared for.  I believe in working with the Whole family in order to help your child, and as a Marriage and Family therapist (intern), I possess the skills to work with you and your child to improve communication, feel comfortable in identifying and expressing feelings, as well as provide the space to process issues without judgement. I have extensive experience with working with children and family to heal anxiety, depression and trauma.