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Doctor's Appointment

Using effective coping strategies to overcome life's challenging events. 


Do you use work to distract yourself from how you really feel?

Do you feel pressured by the expectations of others?


Are you often impacted by guilt, worry, anxiety and FEAR? 


Do you feel an obligation to be strong for everyone else and as a result  your feelings don't matter?

Are you using unhealthy ways to cope with challenging emotions such as fear, guilt, worry and anxiety?

Do you wish to speak to someone who would understand how you really feel without feeling judged?

You don’t have to keep wondering anymore. We  provide a judgment free space for professionals to feel heard, seen, and understood to share how you really feel. This will help you get  the clarity you need to improve your emotional wellbeing because you deserve the same level of  care you give to everyone else. 

A lot of professionals just like yourself come our practice with the same concerns that have caused them significant stress in both their professional and personal lives. And most of them just like you want to feel happy,  content, fulfilled, purposeful and have a peace of mind in their lives without feeling like they have to live up to the expectations of others.

You may be experiencing STRESS AND BURNOUT when you are exposed perpetually to overwhelming life's challenges at an astounding rate on a daily basis.

We believe that in order to help someone else like you want to, you first have to take care of your needs in every aspect to be able to function properly. This means that your mental health and wellness is the most important aspect of anything that you do. We are honored and excited to be the therapy practice that allows professionals to talk freely about improving mental health. 

Our counseling is solution-focused and result-oriented done in 6 months or less to help you gain clarity and achieve emotional healing. We integrate principles of recovery, positive psychology, and realistic hope.

What People Say

“Salome was the first therapist I had that truly helped me understand parts of myself that I struggle with, even some parts of me that I wasn't consciously aware I struggled with, but were huge contributors to my anxieties. She helped me not only discover things about myself, but also encouraged me to come up with sustainable plans to address them in my life”

“My therapist  listened to all my concerns and gave me the reassurance I needed. She is kind, courteous and has a sense of humor. I felt very comfortable speaking with her”

“My therapist  has truly helped me change the way I see myself. I used to think I was a self-aware person, but boy was I wrong. I honestly didn't expect therapy to have such an effect on my life but I am so much more confident in myself. I am able to recognize behaviors and feelings as they are happening and try to understand why I'm doing or feeling them”

“This is my first time seeing a therapist. It has been a very helpful and transformative experience for me. I feel like for the first time in many years I am starting to have mental clarity and I am able to navigate day to day much better. I am starting to feel like myself again , slowly but surely. It’s helping me in many more ways than I anticipated”

Unhealed stress can turn into  burnout and  erode the capacity of a helper who can not refuel

As a professional  with lots of responsibilities in both personal and professional life, it can be difficult to relax the mind and body, so we created a space just for you. We believe that you think better when you are able to relax.
You can use your space for whatever purpose feels right for you and we will support you along the way.  

Feeling overwhelmed by life's events  can make it  difficult to fulfill all your responsibilities which can create a lot of stressful emotions and bring up past trauma of self-worth with lots of questions.  

You may find yourself experiencing dread of going to work, feeling unappreciated and overlooked which also bring up feelings of anxiety and depression for you. These challenging emotions can lead to stress and eventually burnout and loss of desire for life due  to lack of fulfillment and purpose

Image by Amy Hirschi

At Modern Intervention Strategies our clients are our main focus.

We understand that your life as a professional demands a lot from you, from caring for others in both your personal and professional  life, to working long hours and not feeling appreciated or supported, or  experiencing difficulties with interpersonal relationships. This can all take an  emotional toll on your mental health and can be a  lot for any person to handle without support to navigate the  challenging emotions that come with these different life's events.

If you are ready to get clarity around your feelings to achieve emotional healing, 


Schedule a call so we can get to know you and help you define where you want to go


Attend your consultation and discuss ways to improve the quality of your life


Together, you and your therapist will create a specific plan to accomplish your goals and help you get results

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