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Worry Less, Be Yourself, & Live More

We are the RIGHT fit for you if: 

You are an overachiever who is so hard on yourself and constantly worry about what everyone thinks of you, so you  have very high expectations of yourself and hold yourself to unrealistic standards of perfectionism and interpret not being good enough if you cant perform at your best every time. 

You have a hard time saying no and go above and beyond for others even at the detriment of yourself  because you want everyone to like you and worry that people won't like you if you express how you really feel, so you bottle up your feelings and say nothing. 

You are not happy and satisfied with the success you have now and find yourself keep chasing the next best thing looking for happiness. 

You are in a career that you don't find fulfilling, but can't think about leaving because you fear what it will look like to others. 

You are afraid to go after your true passion because it doesn't look like what you imagined it would be, and often feel stuck with no real direction. 

You have extreme anxiety and worry often about making mistakes.

You suppress your feelings so much so that you can just easily blow up at the people you love when you feel triggered.  



Therapy With Meaning

Save time, take back control, and become confident about your life and your decisions.

Our clients come to therapy looking for support to work through pains that no longer serve them. They want to feel confident about themselves and their choices  without feeling judged. They also want feel in control of their emotions,  prioritize their needs without feeling guilty, and  look ahead to the future, live in the present without feeling held back by thoughts of the past. 



You will feel more in control to make better choices

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You will feel less overwhelmed, unsure and stuck with your decisions


You will feel certain to make the right decisions 


Your communication skills will improve to meet your needs



You will feel more confident about yourself



You will enjoy better fulfilling relationships


At Modern Intervention Strategies, we care about you and your mental health, and know what it feels like to feel held back  from living the quality of life you deserve. With over 10 years of experience, we've helped our clients discovery confidence using our  proven strategies that resolve emotional challenges to improve the overall quality of their lives.

Get Clear, Resolve and Thrive

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Schedule a call

Schedule a call so we can get to know you and help you define where you want to go




Attend your consultation and discuss ways to improve the quality of your life


Get results


Together, you and your therapist will create a specific plan to accomplish your goals and help you get results

We know what you are struggling with and can help you get out of it. We've helped hundreds of clients   establish healthy relationships, set appropriate boundaries, learn to prioritize their needs, improve self-esteem, and become mentally, physically and financially stable.  You will learn to  worry less about what others think of you and define what happiness means for you while making decisions that align with that.

We understand that most people struggle with not knowing where to start to get the help they need and deserve, which is why we’ve created a simple freeing framework that helps you feel in control, confident and certain about your decisions in under 6-months so schedule a call to get started!

Here's How We Do it!


You get clear on what you want.


Resolve the issues stopping you from getting what you want.


Learn skills to thrive in every aspect of your life.

So, schedule a call. And in the meantime enter your email below and download your free pdf, so you can stop feeling out of control, and instead take actions to improve your communication, relationships and the overall quality of your life. 

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Here’s how our process is different.

Our simple freeing framework done under 6-months helps you get results by working through challenging emotions. You will get clear, feel confident, certain  and in control of your life in less time. By becoming confident and feeling in control and certain about your decisions, your communication, relationships and  overall quality of life improves. 

We do not take any form of insurance 

We offer pay per session, monthly payment option, or pay in full for 10 sessions, 16 sessions and 20 sessions. You get 2 additional complimentary sessions if paid in full for:

Individual Counseling
Couples Counseling
Teen Counseling
Family Counseling