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For Stress, Anxiety, Compassion Fatigue, Burnout, & Vicarious Trauma


Do you experience any of these symptoms? 


-Disturbing dreams about patient trauma 
-A sense of being ineffective
-Feelings of unease, unsettledness, helplessness
-Feelings of hopelessness for the future
-Sadness that is hard to shake
-Intrusive thoughts about work
-Depression and anxiety
-Frustration, anger, and irritability.
-Inability to concentrate
-Trouble sleeping

If so, you may be experiencing vicarious trauma which is a form of a trauma you get when you are exposed perpetually to other people’s pain and hurt at an astounding rate on a daily basis.

Many health care workers surveyed say they feel burnout is impacting patient care; the prolonged battle against covid-19 has left many doctors, nurses, medical assistants, respiratory therapists, and others on the frontlines of care exhausted and overwhelmed, fueling greater levels of burnout that were already high. A healthcare worker's capacity as a helper erodes when they can not fully refuel.


Medical professionals should seek mental health care for a space to process difficult emotions, feelings, compassion fatigue, and trauma experienced at work due to constant exposure to life-changing circumstances that also affect their personal lives. For students and  medical professionals to do their best work in serving clients, mental health care should be the top priority for self-care. Therapy can provide the space for sharing, processing, and refueling needed for attunement and a better understanding of a patient's needs. 

Benefits Of Mental Health Care

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Building healthy coping skills

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Engaging in good self-care

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Processing unresolved issues

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Setting boundaries with relationships

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Dealing with difficult emotions

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Reconnecting and aligning with passion

The World Health Organization says burnout is not just sheer exhaustion but characterized by greater cynicism and reduced effectiveness at work. It was a huge problem before the pandemic, and now the short staffing and the crusting and unpredictable workload are contributing to epidemic levels of burnout, which affects the mental health of our medical providers work, and home lives. There is an increased chance of medication and treatment errors when a health care professional struggles to manage their own mental health while caring for patients linking burnout to lower quality of care, coupled with extreme stress, emotional devastation, and blame for being unable to fix a patient's declining health. These feelings can also lead to even more stress, anxiety, and low confidence levels coupled with guilt for not doing enough creating an immense amount of pressure to perform that may hinder the medical provider's ability to be present with their patient. 

Modern Intervention Strategies helps medical students and professionals reconnect with their passion for medicine, feel present within themselves, to discover and develop unstoppable confidence without feeling pressured to do and be all things.

We get it, you go to work feeling exhausted, overwhelmed, irritable, stressed out, anxious and unable to relax and have thoughts about wanting to quit your medical career. You feel numb, sad, and guilty from feeling triggered from circumstances at work making you  feel less confident in yourself and abilities as a health care professional while you are also dealing with anxiety and depression symptoms at work. You feel responsible for the care and wellness and sometimes life of your patients. You often wonder if you are doing your best work due to the increasing challenges you are facing at work and in your personal life. You are struggling to keep your mental health in a good space but past traumas and sorrows keep getting you retrigggered by the words and circumstances of other people. 

Compassion fatigue is different from burnout and it erodes the capacity of a helper who can not refuel

You realize that the quality of your work with patients is being compromised since you haven't sought out help for the secondary trauma you are exposed to at work that is shifting your perspective of the world compromising your love for the profession. You worked through covid-19 pandemic and felt the increased amount of unease, sadness and anxiety due to the escalated number of death and grief you had to deal with at work on a daily basis, while feeling responsible for listening to the emotional shock of the friends and family members of the patients you cared for. This alone added so much pressure to the already difficult working environment often leaving you feeling like you don’t know what to do, afraid to make mistakes, blame yourself for the mistakes and finding it difficult to sleep at night because you can't get your mind to shut off. The effect of your job is taking a toll on your mental health because of exposure to witnessing your patients’ inabilities, their struggles and perpetual suffering which continues to strain at your heart. 

You feel like you have no where to go to process those feelings, and it is causing you emotional pain and doubt as to whether or not you want to continue with this career. You have no space to process the impact of your career on your  mental health due to  judgment of what others would think of you, your competence, while also worrying about confidentiality reasons and having your  license revoked if people knew you were seeking therapy, so you say nothing, suffer in licensed, and diminishing your confidence. 


Medical Professional and Stetoscope

At Modern Intervention Strategies our clients are our main focus.

 We have a short term 6 months solution focused program that will help you get relief from stress, trauma and anxiety that are the barriers for you doing your best work. We understand that you cant do your best work if you aren’t fully aligned with your passion, and considering you work comes with a huge responsibility of caring for the wellbeing of people’s lives, we created a non-judgemental space that will help you reconnect and realign with your passion, discover and develop a confidence in yourself and your abilities, unpack and work through challenging emotional issues, and learn effective tools and self-care strategies knowing that in order to be the best to others, you first need to be the best to yourself.

Modern Intervention Strategies helps medical students and professionals reconnect with their passion for medicine, feel present within themselves, to discover and develop unstoppable confidence without feeling pressured to do and be all things.

What People Say

“Salome was the first therapist I had that truly helped me understand parts of myself that I struggle with, even some parts of me that I wasn't consciously aware I struggled with, but were huge contributors to my anxieties.She helped me not only discover things about myself, but also encouraged me to come up with sustainable plans to address them in my life”

“My therapist  listened to all my concerns and gave me the reassurance I needed. She is kind, courteous and has a sense of humor. I felt very comfortable speaking with her”

“My therapist  has truly helped me change the way I see myself. I used to think I was a self-aware person, but boy was I wrong. I honestly didn't expect therapy to have such an effect on my life but I am so much more confident in myself. I am able to recognize behaviors and feelings as they are happening and try to understand why I'm doing or feeling them”

“This is my first time seeing a therapist. It has been a very helpful and transformative experience for me. I feel like for the first time in many years I am starting to have mental clarity and I am able to navigate day to day much better. I am starting to feel like myself again , slowly but surely. It’s helping me in many more ways than I anticipated”


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